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Full List of Games

A full list of game titles we can offer and a description of each game with a link for more details follows. Please check with us before requesting a startup in these games, as some of them have long-standing waiting lists.

Australian Empires Post apocalyptic player-interaction/diplomacy game.
Barbarians at the Gate Historical player-interaction/diplomacy game.
Dark Age Historical player-interaction/diplomacy game.
Empires Historical and modern player-interaction/diplomacy games.
European Empires Napoleonic player-interaction/diplomacy game.
Gameplan American Football strategy/simulation game.
Gameplan Baseball Baseball strategy/simulation game.
Gridiron Stats American Football league game (stats based on NFL).
Hoopplan Basketball strategy/simulation game.
Play On Australian Rules Football league game (stats based).
Raceplan Formula One Motor Racing strategy/simulation game.
Run Chase One day Cricket strategy/simulation game.
Rugby League Breakout Rugby League simulation game (designed for internet play).
Rugby League Stats Rugby League game (stats based on Superleague).
Rugby Union Stats Rugby Union game (stats based on English Premiership).
Slamdunk Basketball league game (stats based on NBA).
Slapshot Ice Hockey strategy/simulation game.
Soccer Stats Soccer league game (stats based on English Premiership).
Soccer Strategy Soccer strategy/simulation game.
Spaceplan Futuristic sci-fi player-interaction/diplomacy game.
Speculate II Company management/business game.
Star Chase Futuristic sci-fi player-interaction/diplomacy game.

For more information please contact: Danny McConnell

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