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Were now selling off our remaining stock of boardgames. Poor availability from suppliers and increased costs in the USA have meant we no longer consider it worthwhile selling boardgames. So once our stock is gone its gone. All prices include postage and packing for UK delivery. For overseas delivery email us and ask for a quote. (because air mail prices increase the costs). 

First come, first served. Please check availability before sending your order by emailing danny@pbmsports.com


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Medieval/Roman Games

Henry V  Four more battles in one box (Agincourt, Patay, Formigny, Castillon) from the Hundred Years War, starting with Henry V at Agincourt and onto Joan of Arc. Medium complexity with a high suitability for solitaire play. Price: 11.95 each.


17th/18th/19th Century

Rebels and Redcoats (Volumes 1 and 2)  Set in the American War of Independence. There are two sets (either stands alone). Volume I covers Bunker Hill, Brandywine, Germantown and Monmouth. Volume II covers another eight battles in the Saratoga and Southern Campaigns. Complexity: Low. Price: 23.95 for each volume.

Thirty Years War  Four battles in one box (Lutzen, Nordlingen, Rocroi & White Mountain). All share the same basic rules, with a few special rules for each scenario. Of all the "quadrigames" series this one works best. Hardcore wargamers call this level of game "one brain cell" games, but they have a scope and playability you don't get from games with more detail, depth and historical accuracy. Complexity: Low. Price: 28.75.

Lion of the North  A more complex treatment of the Thirty Years War period, this time with Breitenfeld and Lutzen (again) with bigger maps and at least twice as many counters. At this level you're dealing with combined arms of musketeers and pikemen with distinct rules for fire and shock action. Complexity: High. Price: 28.75.  

Blood & Iron  Blood and Iron follows the period of 1848 and 1871 and Bismarck's unification of Germany. Four separate scenarios are covered: 1859 Franco Austrian war, 1864 German Danish war, 1866 Seven Weeks' war and the 1870 Franco Prussian war. Complexity is medium, and the game isn't particularly well suited to solitaire play. Playing time 1-6 hours. Price: 23.50.


20th Century

D-Day, Guadalcanal  These are part of a series of wargames, all produced by Avalon Hill and carrying the stamp of the Smithsonian Institution (the American national museum - though it's actually rather more than just a museum) so they're stuffed with well-presented and educational background information as well as being sensible and playable games. The titles we stock are D-Day and Guadalcanal (naval campaign). Some include rules for solitaire play, and all include basic rules and a range of optional rules to build up a more complex game if you prefer. Complexity: Low. Price: 19.95 D-Day, 27.95 Guadalcanal.  

Scratch One Flat Top  The battle of the Coral Sea. Not as famous as the later battle of Midway, this was the first carrier battle of WW II, critical in keeping supply routes to Australia open. A two player game with medium/high complexity and no suitability for solitaire play. Playing time is 20 minutes to 10 hours depending upon which of the ten scenarios is chosen. Price: 9.95.

Spitfire  A whole variety of scenarios from Poland 1939 through the Battle of Britain to Malta and Greece in 1941. Complexity is high, and suitability to solitaire play low. For two or more players, game time 45 minutes to 5 hours depending upon the scenario. Price: 9.95.

Lost Victory  Covers the battle of Kharkov in 1943 as Field Marshall Manstein strove to prevent the defeat of all German forces in southern Russia. Medium complexity and suitability for solitaire play, for 1-4 players with a playing time of 2-12 hours. Price: 13.95.

Run Silent, Run Deep  A whole variety of scenarios covering WW II submarine warfare, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean to the Pacific. Low complexity, and poor suitability for solitaire play. Two or more players, playing time from 30 minutes to 6 hours depending upon the scenario chosen. Price: 9.95.

Aces High  Air warfare in the First World War, with a range of scenarios including Manfred von Richthofen, Albert Ball and many other famous aces. For two or more players, not designed for solitaire play. Medium complexity, with playing time of 30 minutes to 4 hours. Price: 9.95.

Silver Bayonet  Covers a number of scenarios in the initial phases of the Vietnamese War in 1965. High complexity and medium suitability for solitaire play, for two players. Playing time from 15 minutes to 20 hours depending on the scenario chosen. Price: 9.95.

Axis and Allies  We've now sold out of the game Axis and Allies. However, we do still have stocks of four expansion sets which may be used to supplement the original game. The various sets are: Axis & Allies Expansion Set, Central Powers, New World Order and Risk Variant.  Price per set 24.95.


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Sports Games

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