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Rugby Union Stats

Your chance to manage a team of Premiership superstars

Rugby Union Stats is the ultimate in Rugby management. You are a Premiership Coach. You sign real-life  Premiership stars, select them for your team and their performances each week determine your success. It's your chance to coach real-life Premiership players, and show that YOU are the best coach in your league.

Play via the post, or play via the Internet. The choice is yours.

Every week throughout the season you have to decide which players to select, signing new players, making transfers with other coaches and predictions for the results of all Premiership games. 

Your squad is made up of twenty-four current Premiership stars and your results are determined solely by their performances in real-life. Each turn you have to select your lineup from your squad.

Your players' stats for the week are taken from their real-life performances, with every single game played in the Premiership over the weekend being used. It's important you select the right players. There's no point having one of the top scorers in the league if you haven't selected him in your lineup!

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For more information please contact: Danny McConnell

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