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As you'll realise as you look at this site, this is very much "Retro" format. Both this website (authored using software from the 20th century) and the games we run (mostly also designed in the 1980's and 1990's). Nonetheless, we're still running the games, and unashamedly are in the "Retro" brand.

Throughout 2022 and into 2023, we'll be offering free online startups for the following games:- Gameplan Baseball, Hoopplan, Slapshot, Gameplan (Basic and Advanced), Raceplan and Dark Age, as well as the stats games Soccer Stats, Gridstats and Play On (note - these only operate when the real life leagues, Premier League, NFL and AFL respectively, are running). If you'd like to take up this offer (one free startup per player), please contact Danny McConnell quoting FREESTART23 (and if you want a super-quick startup, let me know team preferences at the same time).

The startup offer is first two turns and setup for free, and is available to new players, returning players and existing players who wish to try a new game. The only caveat is you must receive and submit turns via the internet. Once you've used up the free credits, you'll need to pay for turns if you do wish to continue, but there's no commitment - if you've time on your hands, try a couple of free turns.

This offer includes the newly launched Gridstats Retro.

Waiting Lists

Most of the time you'll be able to start playing a game straight away, but some of our games have waiting lists for new players.


For more information please contact: Danny McConnell

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