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Full List of Games

A full list of game titles we can offer and a description of each game with a link for more details follows. Please check with us before requesting a startup in these games, as some of them have long-standing waiting lists.

Australian Empires Post apocalyptic player-interaction/diplomacy game.
Dark Age Historical player-interaction/diplomacy game.
Empires Historical and modern player-interaction/diplomacy games.
European Empires Napoleonic player-interaction/diplomacy game.
Gameplan American Football strategy/simulation game.
Gameplan Baseball Baseball strategy/simulation game.
Gridiron Stats American Football league game (stats based on NFL).
Hoopplan Basketball strategy/simulation game.
Play On Australian Rules Football league game (stats based).
Raceplan Formula One Motor Racing strategy/simulation game.
Run Chase One day Cricket strategy/simulation game.
Slapshot Ice Hockey strategy/simulation game.
Soccer Stats Soccer league game (stats based on Premier League).
Spaceplan Futuristic sci-fi player-interaction/diplomacy game.
Star Chase Futuristic sci-fi player-interaction/diplomacy game.

For more information please contact: Danny McConnell

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