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Any news on delays and so forth regarding turn processing at Ab Initio Games will appear here. If there's nothing here, there's probably not a delay. 

Saturday 6th April - Long day, but all games have now been run and sent out. I'll get this weekend's turns for Gridstats Retro (season 1994 restart), Soccer Stats and Play On run during Sunday. Thanks to everyone for their patience.....

Friday 5th April - It's been a long day and my brain is fried, so I've run Soccer Stats (whose deadline is tomorrow) but I'll hold off on Play On (whose deadline was yesterday) and run that tomorrow along with other games. Apologies to the Aussie Rules guys, but you'll have 24 hours at least to get special actions in. More updates here tomorrow as I work through the backlog.

Saturday 30th March - as warned, I'm away over Easter, so will be back on Friday 5th May, and playing catchup. First up will be Soccer Stats (as they have a deadline on 6th May) then Play On (similar, though their deadline will have passed) and then I'll get on with the regular games. Aim will be to have caught up with everything by the end of Sunday. I'll keep this page updated.........

Paypal (Aussie) Problems - It appears that a few folk are having problems making payments for turns in Aussie $. I'm not quite sure why, but it may be due to settings stored in the browser (one person has got around this by using a different browser). It may also be worth trying removing your card and adding it again.

Hotmail Problems - I'm still having problems with outgoing emails (not game reports, only messages sent from my mailbox) reaching Hotmail users. If you haven't set danny@pbmsports.com as a trusted email address please do so, and feel free to raise it with Hotmail if you are getting blocked. They seem to have decided to block the email address, albeit only occasionally. I can't bug them, as they're not my email provider. I will, if I really need to, use an alternative email address, but I'm hoping to avoid having to make that permanent.

Late Turns - can I remind people about chasing late results - I aim to get games run over the weekend, and given the number of turns this does mean spreading them out (I also need to avoid sending out too many results in a short timeframe, as they will trigger systems thinking I'm sending spam). Please wait until Monday before you chase anything "late", and for those in more than one game, don't assume because you've received one game report that I've sent them all.

Last updated: Saturday April 06, 2024 21:08  


Players are reminded that if you've not received email results by the morning after they were due (which for weekend games is Monday), and there's no notice of a delay posted here, please contact me to ask for them to be resent making sure you include the game ID and your team ID (not just "my MLB1 team") 

I do recommend you ensure that danny@pbmsports.com is set as a trusted email address, as well as weborders@pbmsports.com for confirmation emails. 

If you do want turns to go to multiple email addresses, the way to do it is to have the email addresses separated by a semi-colon and a space (e.g. danny@pbmsports.com; danny@madeupemail.com). That should get the email game reports sent to both. Remember this has to be set at the bottom of the online turnsheets. Remember the space after the semi-colon.


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For more information please contact: Danny McConnell

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