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Sports Games

Our sports games generally fall into two categories: simulation games and stats-based league games.

Simulation games are generally more involved, and usually run every two weeks. You running a team within a league with fictional strengths and weaknesses, but based around the real life sport involved. The choices are endless, and it's your decisions which determine the success and failure of your team.

Stats games are more like "fantasy" games you see regularly in the newspapers, though our games are much more involved and interactive. Your team is made up of real life players, and your success each week is based on the performances of your players in real life.

We are also launching the first in a series of "designed for Internet" play games with Rugby League Breakout - games designed to run purely by email, with all of the game information and rules you'll need on a dedicated website. 

Sports Simulations

Gameplan (American Football)

Gameplan Baseball

Slapshot (Ice Hockey)

Hoopplan (Basketball)

Raceplan (F1 Motor Racing)

Run Chase (One Day Cricket) 



tats Stats (Fantasy) Games

Gridiron Stats (American Football) Gridiron Stats Retro

Play On (Australian Rules Football)

Soccer Stats


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